Private Lessons

I enjoy teaching very much - I've taught a variety of classes, from engineering to silk-painting, but horn lessons really allow me to connect with the students.

The best part is helping each student discover all the voices of the French horn: lyrical, heroic, and even jolly.

My goal is to help each student enjoy playing the horn as much as I do by giving them techniques to strengthen their abilities using music that they choose to play.

Horn players of all levels are welcome, and it's particularly inspiring to work with beginners and come-back players.

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Presentations For Schools

My collection of instruments from around the world has inspired curiosity in students of every age, from pre-K through adults.

When they see the variety of instruments, some man-made and some slightly-altered natural objects, they can't wait to hear how each one sounds and find out more: where the instruments are from, how they are played and how they are made.

The demonstrations include some acoustical science and cultural history too. I leave plenty of time for my favorite part: question & answer time.

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Orchestral Performance

As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to play in an orchestra. It's a thrill to sit in the middle of all that glorious sound, even after 40 years of concerts.

Getting to sit on stage and bring live music to audiences is exciting, from that electric silence just before the downbeat to the reverberations of the final chord.

Orchestral playing has led me on many adventures: I've enjoyed playing in orchestras in the Chicago area, as well as on the East Coast and even in Salzburg.

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Chamber Music and Jazz

Performing chamber music is like a reward for all those years of practicing. Smaller groups provide an intimacy among the musicians that extends to envelop the audience.

Whether it's an informal soiree in someone's living room, a high-energy gig in a jazz club, or a formal recital, there is a connection with the audience that differs from symphony orchestra performances.

I seek out every opportunity to perform in chamber groups of any type and am thrilled to be a member of some long-standing groups.

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